Lynn Chadwick


Lynn Chadwick CBE RA (1914-2003) initially trained in architecture as a draftsman, despite expressing a passion for art. After escorting convoys as a pilot in WWII, he moved into working in trade shows and designing stands. In 1946 he won a textile design competition. In 1947 he created his first mobile, inspired by Rodney Thomas. They were usually made of wire, balsa wood and cut copper, including brass shapes. The brass was often coloured and resembling something fish-like. Very few of these pieces are still around today.

He also designed furniture and soft furnishings.

Chadwick steered away from architecture as it meant producing drawing after drawing which were often never produced, he wanted to create a soft touchable, tangible object.

In April 1951 Chadwick received a commission from the Arts Council of Great Britain for a large sculpture, it was displayed at the Tate gallery between 1951-1952 and titled “The Fisheater”. Lynn Chadwick’s artwork is represented in collections all over the world. His work in bronze, iron and steel are highly sought after.


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