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Below you can find some of the most common questions about investing in art.

Florence Bell has over 30 years of experience in art collecting and investing. Whether you’re looking at buying art to enjoy or solely as an investment our team will help you choose the right piece and strategy for you. When you choose us, we get to know you and what type of art you’re looking for, as well as what sort of investment you’re looking for.

Art regularly outperforms the stock market, and it appreciates at a value higher than inflation. If you hit hard times, it makes great collateral for a loan and it attracts lower interest rates. Art makes it easy to move wealth through the generations. It also makes the perfect gift that keeps on giving for weddings and special birthdays.

Yes! With a strategy or plan, and the correct guidance you can make money selling artwork. 

Just like the majority of investments, the value can rise as well as decrease. We are able to reduce the risk of this happening by working with well-established artists who have a global following.

There are many ways art appreciates in value. The status of the artist could change and that means the value of their other pieces increase. Museums and collectors acquiring the work of your artist also help it increase in value. The good news is, there are many factors that can help your art grow in value.

Art like most investments out there does not offer a guaranteed return on investment. The return you receive depends on many factors such as the artist you choose to invest in, the particular piece you purchase, how long you choose to hold the piece for and the company you have behind you when it comes to selling your art.

If you purchase an original piece of art by an artist such as Banksy, Damien Hirst or Alan Davie you give yourself a much better chance of making a return than if you purchased a print from an artist that is only popular in your hometown.

Therefore, we recommend coming into the gallery, book an appraisal, and based on the facts you can determine if you want to invest in a particular piece of art.

This depends on your circumstances and the status of the artist. Again, book an appraisal and we can determine when will be the best time for you to sell your artwork. Our regular clients like to have us on retainer so we can call them if we sense a change in the marketplace. 

Yes theoretically you could buy art prints as an investment but these generally show little to no return. Buying originals is the safest and preferred way to invest in art by most.

There are no artwork investment consultancy fees when you work with Florence Bell.

We do recommend our clients to purchase art that they find aesthetically pleasing and that they can enjoy, however if you do not have space to display your artwork at home, we offer storage at a secure and insured facility.

At Florence Bell, we like to make the art market accessible to every investor. We recommend a good starting point in the market to be around £10,000 however we do have pieces starting from as little as £1,000.

Unlike with stocks and shares, there is no exchange where you can sell your piece of art at the click of a button for a set price. As soon as you would like to sell your art all you need to do is get in touch and one of our consultants will help by guiding you to sell your piece, achieving the best possible price.

  • Offering the piece for sale to one of the many private collectors we work with.
  • Displaying the piece for sale in our gallery.
  • Advertising the art for sale through one of many online platforms such as Artsy and Artnet.
  • Marketing the piece for sale through our website.
  • Assisting by placing the piece in an auction by one of the leading auction houses.

The contemporary art market has shown an average return of 7.5% over the last 3 decades, while the art market as a whole has shown 5.3%.

We specialise in post-war modern and street art but due to our broad range of knowledge and our connections in the art world, we can help with any style, form or medium of art.

Yes, this is exactly what our sourcing service is here for! If you are looking for art by a particular artist or even a specific piece, get in touch today and allow our team of highly trained consultants to get to work and do the hard work by sourcing it for you.

We work with a broad range of clients, from those who are just starting collecting and displaying their art all the way to seasoned collectors who are looking to bring new life to their walls. We understand that while some of our clients spend upwards of £100,000 on a single piece to display on their wall, others might be looking at £10,000 to kit out their whole home. Whatever your budget is get in contact today and book a consultation with a member of our team.


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