About Florence Bell Art Gallery

At Florence Bell, we pride ourselves in offering the best of British art for collectors and investors alike. We work very closely with our network, some of whom have over 30 years of experience, to deliver outstanding service and provide pieces from some of the most sought-after artists of modern times.

From our director, all the way to the newest member of our team, everyone here at Florence Bell shares a deep passion for fine art, we are always looking for new ways to advance in this flourishing market.

Our director has a great eye and attention to detail and from this our Bespoke Art sourcing service was born. Simply book a consultation, show us what you like, the style of your home or office and let our team put together a package of unique pieces to complete your space.

Florence Bell was founded with every person in mind, from those who like art and want to explore buying more paintings to investors who buy art solely for capital growth. We cater for those who are new to collecting and might not have the largest of budgets all the way to the seasoned investor who is looking for the crown jewel to complete their collection.

The artists we work with span from well-established Post-War British to modern-day blue-chip artists such as the likes of Banksy all the way to new up-and-coming street artists who are making their mark on the world.



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