6 Tips for Starting Your Own Art Collection

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Starting your art collection does not need to be an anxiety-inducing endeavour. With a few savvy steps, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect pieces for your collection. This article will cover some art collection ideas that will help you get started.

If you are a passionate art lover looking to start your collection, you might often feel intimidated each time you interact with more experienced art collectors and wonder how they managed to get there. Visiting some art galleries can also make you feel a bit overwhelmed as you struggle to make sense of the different styles, materials, prices, and art parlance.

Don’t let that stop you from pursuing your dreams of having an art collection. Every experienced and savvy collector started in a similar place and had to learn the tricks of the trade along the way. Plus, some didn’t have guides like these to help them out! With this in mind, here are some art collection ideas to help you get started.

Top 6 Art Collection Ideas For First-Time Collectors

1. Explore as much as you can

Look at art in all its forms, wherever you can find it – from museum and art gallery visits to neighbourhood street art and online platforms explorations. Don’t only focus on artworks you might be interested in buying, but also pay attention to the artwork that made old masters artists famous – or artworks from emerging talents to get a sense of the art trends.

Each time you have an opportunity to travel, find time to visit places with famous art collections and exhibitions. Social media is also great for staying updated on art happenings and events.

2. Define your budget and style

Seeing art as much as possible helps you develop a style, a taste, and eventually an understanding of what kind of artwork can fit your budget. Art prices can range widely from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands and beyond. Don’t be disheartened if you are on a tighter budget; plenty of artwork is available in all price ranges.

Your budget will also help you determine which art mediums work best for your pocket. You can choose from painting, sculpture, photography, original prints, and even digital art.

3. Choose art that speaks to you

You already have a good idea of what kind of art speaks to your heart and soul at this stage. Knowing this will help you narrow down the artwork choices, so you can start choosing your favourite pieces. One of the advantages of choosing art you love is that it will also bring more joy and beauty to your home. Hanging these artworks on your walls will take your home décor to a new level and make it truly unique.

Following trends, on the other hand, can lead to you buying artwork that isn’t a true reflection of your taste. Plus, art movements, like fashion, come and go – so artwork in vogue today may become obsolete the next day.

4. Start small

This is especially useful if you are on a tight budget or don’t have a lot of wall space in your home. You can start with more affordable pieces, such as original prints, that are still unique and special. As your collection grows, you can also add more artworks that cost more.

You could also consider buying from emerging artists, whose works are typically more affordable. You could be one of the first to own a piece from an up-and-coming artist; who knows – they may become the next big name in art!

5. Build relationships

Building relationships with gallery owners, artists and other art collectors can also help you find pieces that suit your taste or learn more about collecting art. These people can answer your questions and help you make informed decisions. This is also an excellent opportunity to hear the stories behind some of the pieces you are interested in.

6. Consider working with art consultants

As a novice collector, navigating the art world and making informed decisions may be challenging. Art consultants are experienced professionals who can help you understand the complexities of the art market and give you art collection ideas.

Start Your Art Collection With Confidence

Collecting art can be a gratifying experience, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. By leveraging these art collection ideas, you can build your own collection confidently. Don’t forget to enjoy the process – like all great things in life, collecting art is a journey that requires patience and passion. Contact us if you need assistance!

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