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Are you thinking about investing in art? Why not go for limited art prints? Here’s everything you need to know about limited editions.

The fine art world is not just limited to sculptures and paintings. Limited edition art prints are gaining in popularity, too! These special pieces are a great way to add eye-catching beauty and style to any room. Buying limited editions can also be great for those just starting out collecting art, as they are often cheaper than other types of artwork.

So, what exactly is a limited edition art print?

What are Limited Editions?

Limited editions are original artworks produced in a limited quantity. Artists create these prints in series, usually numbered and signed. Once the edition is finished and all the prints sold, no more will ever be made. This makes limited editions special and valuable as they become rarer over time.

Limited editions usually come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which verifies that the piece is an original and authentic work of art. It also proves that all the prints in the edition were produced by the same artist, using the same methods, and materials.

Artists use various techniques to produce limited editions. The most popular technique involves using hand-stenciled images, which are repeated and printed on several materials. Digital and offset lithography are also common methods used to create limited-edition prints. In addition, some artists even use the traditional method of etching and engraving to do unique works.

3 Things You Need to Know About Limited Editions

1. Open vs. limited edition prints:

As mentioned above, artists often produce prints in series called editions. Each edition has a set number of prints – usually numbered, signed, and dated.

Open edition prints do not have a limited quantity of prints produced. In other words, they are artworks that can be reproduced any number of times. Limited edition prints, however, are limited to a specific number of prints and are not produced again after every piece is sold.

2. Print run number:

Print run number is the number of prints that are produced in an edition. Each print in a limited edition set will have its unique run number, usually displayed somewhere on the print. Artists decide this when they create a print and often state it on the Certificate of Authenticity.

The run number is typically a fraction, with the denominator representing the number of prints in the edition and the numerator representing the individual print’s place in that edition. For example, 1/100 would indicate the first of 100 prints in an edition. When it comes to value, the smaller the number, the more valuable the print.

3. The size of the edition:

The size of a limited edition will depend on the artist’s preference, the demand for the artwork, and the type of printing technique used. Artists often make small editions of up to 25 prints, but it’s not uncommon for editions of hundreds to be produced. However, the smaller the size of the edition, the more rare and valuable it becomes.

Now that you know more about limited art prints, you might wonder why you want to invest in them. There are a few key benefits of owning a limited edition print.

Benefits of Owning Limited Edition Art Prints

1. Value:

As mentioned earlier, the prints become more valuable over time as they become rarer. Considering there are a finite number of prints in each edition, the value of each piece will likely increase as they are sold out. They can also become more valuable as the artist’s notoriety increases, making them a great investment for collectors.

2. Affordable:

The biggest benefit of limited edition prints is that they are usually much more affordable than other types of artwork. This makes them an accessible way to start your art collection, making it easier for some collectors to get their hands on artworks created by great masters like Picasso, Warhol, and Rembrandt.

There are several factors that can affect the price of limited edition prints. The number of prints in an edition, the size, and paper type used, and the artist’s reputation all affect the price of a piece.

3. High Quality:

Limited edition prints are made with high-quality materials and often produced by the artist, ensuring that each piece is of superior quality.

Limited editions are also original works of art, which is essential to note, as some people often look down on prints as copies. Unlike reproductions, limited edition prints are original works of art, making them more valuable.

The Bottom Line

Limited edition prints are an excellent way to invest in art and show off your personal style. Not only do they offer great value, but they are also affordable and high-quality. They are a great way to add a unique touch to your home or office decor. With the proper knowledge and an eye for quality, you can start confidently collecting limited edition prints.

Are you looking for limited edition prints to start your own collection? Look no further than the Florence Bell Art Gallery. We have a wide selection of prints from some of the world’s most renowned artists, including Banksy and Andy Warhol. Get in touch with us for more information.

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