Best Places to See Street Art in London

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If you enjoy exploring new places the same way you enjoy art, then London is the place for you. This article will cover some of London’s best places to see public art.

London is famous for several things, but did you know that the city is also home to a vibrant street art scene? From murals to graffiti, London is the perfect place to find unique and impressive artwork.

London is known for its vibrant and ever-changing street art scene, which is scattered throughout the capital. From Banksy’s politically charged graffiti to the vibrant works of Nomad Clan. So, whether you are a tourist or a local looking to discover some of the city’s best public art, here are six great places to get started.

1. Shoreditch

This London neighbourhood is well-known for its ever-expanding art scene and nightlife. It’s no wonder that Shoreditch is a popular destination for tourists, locals and a playground for street artists.

Shoreditch’s vibrant art scene is a mix of stencils, graffiti and murals created by some of the most talented street artists in London. You can explore the kaleidoscope of works displayed on brick walls and find some unique gems scattered across the neighbourhood. You can start by visiting Leonard Street/Old Street, Sclater Street, and Pedley Street.

2. Brick Lane

Brick Lane is one of the best places to see street art in London. From bold, colourful murals to iconic graffitis, the streets of Brick Lane are a must-see for any street art enthusiast. Just be sure to bring a camera, as you won’t want to miss the chance to snap some unique artwork. Start your walking tour on Buxton Street and work your way down Bethnal Green Road.

3. Leake Street, Waterloo

Located near Waterloo station, this street is an underground graffiti playground. This former railway tunnel has been transformed into an outdoor gallery featuring the work of some of London’s most talented street artists. You will undoubtedly be impressed by the range of styles and colours decorating the tunnel walls.

In 2008, Banksy organised a street art festival and opened the tunnel to dozens of street artists worldwide. Since then, Leake Street has become one of the most popular spots to see street art in London, and this is also one of the best locations to find the newest street artwork. You won’t regret strolling down this vibrant and colourful area.

4. Camden Town

Famed for its markets and music scene, Camden Town is also a great place to explore if you’re looking for street art. This vibrant neighbourhood is a popular destination for street artists.

The streets of Camden Town are lined with some of the best works of street art in London. From graffiti to murals, you’re sure to find something that will impress you. Take a walk down Castlehaven road or Hawley Mews to explore some of the best works in the area.

5. Hackney Wick

This neighbourhood is home to quirky cafés, artist studios, and a vibrant street art scene. Located in East London, Hackney Wick is the perfect place to explore some of the city’s best public artwork. The unique blend of styles and colours will leave you in awe. Explore some of the works on Bream Street and Smeed Road.

6. Brixton

Going towards South London, you will find Brixton. This neighbourhood has lots to offer, from its lively foodie spots to its wide array of street art. Brixton is home to some impressive works. Take a walk down Saltoun Road and Ferndale Road to explore some of the best street art in London.

There you have it – six great spots to explore London’s public art scene. Although street art is considered an act of vandalism in most of the places listed above, it’s a great way to appreciate the talent and creativity of some of the world’s most talented artists while exploring London’s neighbourhoods. All that’s left for you is to grab your camera and explore! 

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